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PARTA is governed by a 15 member Board of Trustees appointed by the political subdivisions creating the Authority: the cities of Aurora (2), Kent (3), Streetsboro (2), and Ravenna (2); Portage County (3 – northern, middle and southern); the townships of Ravenna (1) and Franklin (1); and the village of Brady Lake (1).

Trustees so appointed serve in a voluntary capacity and serve staggered three-year terms beginning July 1 of the year appointed.

Board meetings are public and are regularly scheduled to occur on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7 p.m., unless otherwise publicized. Standing Committees of the Board also are public and meet monthly or as needed. Board and committee meetings are held at the PARTA offices at 2000 Summit Rd., Kent, unless otherwise publicized.

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Below is a list of PARTA’s current Board of Trustees

Rick Bissler, City of Kent, Board President

Dominic Bellino, Ravenna Township, Board Vice President

David Gynn, Middle Portage County, Temporary Presiding Officer

Marge Bjerregaard, City of Aurora

Richard Brockett, Northern Portage County

Jeff Childers, Southern Portage County

Brian Gray, City of Kent

Virginia Harris, City of Streetsboro

Pete Kenworthy, City of Kent

Timothy Lassan, Franklin Township

Jeremy Moldvay, City of Streetsboro

Frank Vitale, City of Aurora

Karen Wise, City of Ravenna

Christina West, City of Ravenna