Public Records Request Policy

Summary of Policy



Purpose. It is PARTA’s policy to comply with the Ohio Public Records Act. The following is a summary of PARTA’s public records management policy, intended to assist individuals who wish to request public records from PARTA. Click here to access the complete policy.

Availability of Public Records. Upon request, PARTA will provide copies of public records and/or allow inspection of public records during administrative office hours, currently Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except for the following legal holidays on which the administrative office is closed: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Requesting Public Records. An individual may request access to public records orally or in writing. Although not required, PARTA encourages individuals to make requests using a form provided by PARTA (Public Records Request Form RC 100), to help explain or identify the records requested.  Whether or not Form RC 100 is used, please be as specific as possible when describing the records being requested, as this will assist us to promptly identify and make available the public records.  The requestor is not required to reveal the requestor’s identity or the intended use of the public record.  Form RC 100 is available upon request or by clicking here.

Copies of Public Records. PARTA may require payment in advance of providing copies of requested public records, at a cost of $.05 cents per page, whether single or double-sided. Copies will be provided in a reasonable time and will be available for pick-up or by ordinary U.S. mail, with mailing charges being paid by the requestor. There is no fee to inspect records during administrative office hours.

Delay or Denial of Requests for Public Records. Access to public records may be denied because the item does not exist; because the item is not a public record; or because the item is exempt from disclosure. Access to public records may be delayed or denied because a request is ambiguous or overly broad, or because the record contains both public and exempt information, which must be redacted (obscuring or deleting information exempt from public disclosure) from the record prior to releasing the public portion of the record.

When access to public records is denied, PARTA will notify the requestor of the denial with an explanation, including the legal authority upon which the denial is based.  When a request is ambiguous or overly broad, prior to denying the request, PARTA first will provide the requestor with reasonable assistance to facilitate their request, which may result in a delay in responding to the public records request.  When information is redacted, PARTA will notify the requestor and make the redaction plainly visible.

Questions about the Policy. Questions about PARTA’s public records management policy may be addressed to the General Manager in writing, at 2000 Summit Road, Kent, OH 44240; or during administrative office hours by calling (330) 678-7745.



Fee Schedule

Document Copies                $.05 cents per page, whether single or double-sided

CD Rom/DVD                       $1.00 per disk

Postage                                 Actual cost to mail requested items