Final January Route Changes

Final January 2017 Changes – Go into Effect January 16, 2017

*Overall these changes create a more clock face system that will create more a transit system that comes at a more consistent time.  In addition, we will be using Kent Central Gateway and University Hospital as a place for buses to meet to allow for easier transfers so that passengers can freely move from one bus to another without having to wait long periods of time.

Record Courier Article: PARTA Bus Routes are Changing

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#10 – Kent Circulator

End Service


End Service

 #30—Interurban West

All trips stop at Silver Meadows

Transfer between buses at KCG on the 0:15 and 0:45 of the hour

 #35—Interurban East

Move Skeels service to #80

Transfer between buses at Kent Central Gateway (KCG) on the 0:15 and 0:45 of the hour and University Hospital on the top of the hour (0:00) and 0:30 of the hour

Increase frequency of route between Kent and Ravenna.

 #40—Suburban North

Allow for transfer between buses at KCG every 3rd trip

 #45—Suburban South

Transfer between buses at KCG

Begin service to Kentway Apartments

Begin service to Kent Post Office


Allow for better transfers to the 35 and 80 buses at University Hospitals

Longer layovers on Garrettsville laps to allow for better grocery service.

Addition of Maplewood Career Center as a pull-in stop along route.

 #80—West Ravenna

60 minute headway

Expand service to grocery store locations

University Hospital to Cleveland Rd. to PCAB to Marc’s

#85 – East Ravenna

60 minute headway

University Hospital to Ravenna HS to Skeels to Woodgate to Marc’s

Service to S. Prospect St. moved to this route from the Interurban East (35) bus.

 #100—Cleveland Express

Time adjustments to schedule for more on-time service

Greyhound on Chester identified as a stop along the route

Service to Stephanie Tubbs Jones (STJ) Transit Center from E. 21st St. for connections with Megabus and GCRTA.