Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Policy and Procedures 

The Americans with Disabilities Act covers three groups of people:

  • People who, because of their disability, are unable to board, ride or exit and     accessible vehicle that is part of the regular service;
  • People with disabilities who are able to use accessible vehicles, but accessible vehicles are not available at the time when it is needed;
  • People who can ride accessible buses, but whose disability prevents them from getting to and from the bus stop.

Eligibility may be permanent or temporary, depending on the disability. Some individuals may be eligible only for certain trips or may qualify certain times of the year.

View PARTA‘s ADA Policy here.

Service Availability

ADA service is available the same hours and days as fixed route service and runs within 3/4 of a mile from fixed route within our fixed route zones.  Costs for the service is $2.00 per person, however, one personal care assistant may ride at no cost (but must be noted on your ADA application).

Reasonable Modifications

All ADA individuals are entitled to request reasonable modifications.

Our policy for making those modifications can be found here.

To make a request for a modification, please fill out the reasonable modification form and mail it to Operations at 2000 Summit Road, Kent, OH 44240, fax to 330-678-7751 or email it to

Requesting Service

If you would like to use PARTA‘s ADA service, you must obtain PARTA‘s application by calling 330-678-1287 or by downloading it here.  You and your physician must complete the application in full before it can be reviewed.  If you will require a personal care attendant, let your customer service representative know or fill out the application provided here.

Questions or Concerns

If you feel you may need to appeal any decision made, an appeal form can be sent to PARTA at 2000 Summit Road, Kent, OH 44240, fax to 330-678-1287 or email to

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your ADA service you can contact Brian Trautman at 330-678-7745 x 137,, 2000 Summit Road, Kent, OH 44240.  You can also complete this form and mail it back to PARTA at 2000 Summit Road, Kent, Ohio 44240 or fax it to 330-678-7745 attention Brian Trautman.

Interested in Training?

Utilizing transit service for the first time can be overwhelming. PARTA has an expert travel trainer on staff who can walk you through how to book a ride and how to fully utilize our Service. If you are interested in training call 330-678-7745 x119. Individuals who take this training will be eligible to receive 2 one-ride Dial-A-Ride tickets (upon the first-time completion of the course).