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The Best Place to Park in Kent!

PARTA offers a wide variety of short or long term covered parking options to fit your needs.

*Please note new rate change on Employee and Resident Passes as of January 1, 2017

Short Term Parking
    • (30 min-24 hours): $1.00-$5.00

*First 30 minutes are Free!

Employee Passes
        • 14 hour fixed shift pass: $55/month (Monday-Friday)*
          (5am-7pm (limited quantities available); 11am-1am; 5pm-7am – Pass holders are required to choose one of the three shifts)
        • 14 hour variable shift pass: $40/month (7 days a week)
          (Have the ability to utilize any shift)

*Weekend passes available for an additional $10 per month

Resident Passes
    • Gold Tag Covered Parking (limited quantities) $95/month
    • Black Tag Uncovered Parking (limited quantities) $75/month
University Pass
        • Monday-Friday for Semester: $150
        • Monday-Friday for Academic Year: $225 (both semesters must be paid in full)

*valid 7:15 am – 7:15 pm

If you are interested in obtaining a monthly pass please contact PARTA at 330-678-7745.

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