How to Find Your Route

> How to Find Your Route

PARTA offers you several different ways to plan your trip:

Using PARTA Schedules

  • Choose the schedule online or in print (available at Kent Central Gateway, PARTA offices, Portage Medical Center, Portage County Administration Building (PCAB).
  • Locate your point of origin on the bus route and your destination.
  • You may need more than one schedule to get you from point “A” to “B” requiring you to make a transfer.
  • In extreme cases, you may need to take one route to a second route, and then transfer to your final route.
  • You will need to pay an additional fare for each transfer.  Check out tickets & passes to find out information about PARTA‘s fares.
  • Now that you know your route number, check out “How to Read a Schedule” to determine your pick-up and drop-off times.

Utilize our App SPOT PARTA

  • Type in your starting address and your ending address.
  • Enter in your leave by or arrival time.
  • Then press “Get Directions”.
  • This will take you to an itinerary with possible options and a map to show you which bus you should board, when to transfer, and give you a map of where you are going.

Calling Customer Service

  • When calling Customer Service at 330-676-6701, please have the following items ready:
    • Your starting and ending address and closest major intersections
    • Arrival or departing time
    • Pen and paper