How to Use the Farebox

> How to Use the Farebox


PARTA offers a variety of ways to pay your fare through our electronic farebox.

1. Have exact change ready!  (Change will not be made through the farebox.)
2. The Electronic Farebox accepts US currently and coins (no pennies please).
3. Drop coins in the top right of the machine or place bills on the bottom right of the machine.

Day Passes & Transfers.
1. Must be purchased with cash – exact change is required.
2. Insert your coins or bills into the farebox.
3. Get a ticket.
4. Transfers are only available to and from Akron METRO
5. Swipe passes and transfers along the reader at the top of the machine.
6. Transfers will NOT be accepted nor issued between PARTA’s local lines and PARTA’s express lines of service.



PARTA Smart Cards

1. Small, reusable plastic cards, which stores and processes a 31-day pass.
2. Touch the card to the Smart Card symbol/PARTA logo to use on fareboxes.
3. Purchase for $1 with first time purchase of all 31-day passes.
4. Re-load at no additional cost with all 31-day and 10-ride passes.

Click here for more information about PARTA Tickets and Passes


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