Welcome to Kent State University

Rider's Guide

Riding a bus is safe and easy. Just remember that traffic does not stop when a PARTA/Campus Bus Service stops, so always be cautious when exiting the bus.
• FLASHcard - your FREE ticket to ride! (Akron fare $1.00; Cleveland fare $5.00).
• If you are traveling off campus on our local fixed routes have your FLASHcard ready before the bus arrives.
• Be at your stop 3-5 minutes before the bus arrives. Drivers are not permitted to pick up or drop off between designated stops.
• Enter the bus at the front door only, and exit the bus at the rear door if available.
• If seats are occupied, please move to the back so others can board
• Playing music, smoking, eating, and drinking are prohibited on the bus.
• Signal the driver before your stop by pulling the cord or pressing the yellow tape strip.
• Seeing eye dogs are the only pets permitted on the bus.

Residence Hall Students
• For those parking at the stadium please click here for more information about the Stadium Shuttle Service.

KSU Campus Map with PARTA/Campus Bus Service Routes
Click here for maps of the routes that PARTA offers, on and off campus.

KSU Building Abbreviation Guide
Learn what building the 3-letter abbreviation on your class schedule stands for with this helpful table.

Abbreviation Full Name  
AUD Auditorium
AIR Airport
ANX Gym Annex
ART Art Building
BOW Bowman Hall
BSA Business Administration
CDC Child Development Center
CHH Cunningham Hall
CRL Ceramics Laboratory 103RF
DHC DeWeese Health Center
DVY Davey Warehouse
EWC Eastway Center
FLD Field House
FRH Franklin Hall
HDN Henderson Hall
ICA Ice Arena
JHN Johnson Hall 104ST
KTH Kent Hall
LCM Liquid Crystal Materials Science
LIB Library
LKO Lake/Olson Hall
LNC Lincoln Center (located off campus)
LRH Lowry Hall
MAC Memorial Athletic and Convocation Center
McG McGilvrey Hall
MLH Merrill Hall
MOU Moulton Hall
MSB Mathematical Sciences Bldg
MSC Michael Schwartz Center
MSP Music and Speech
NXH Nixson Hall
ORH Oscar Ritchie Hall
MSP Recital Hall (Music & Speech)
ROC Rockwell Hall
SFH Satterfield Hall
SMH Smith Hall
SRC Student Recreation & Wellness Center
STC Student Center
STD Stadium
STO Stopher Hall
MSP Stump Theater
TER Terrace Hall
TLH Taylor Hall
VDN Van Deusen Hall
VNC Van Campen Hall
WLH Wills Hall
WTH White Hall
WMH Williams Hall
WRT Wright Hall

Suggestions or Comments

We want to hear from you. If you have suggestions or comments about our routes or services please contact us by phone 330-672-RIDE or email us at CustService@PARTAonline.org

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I contact PARTA/Campus Bus Service?

PARTA/Campus Bus Service
Kent, Ohio 44240
330-672-RIDE [7433]

2. I need to know when and where the bus is running. Where can I get this information?

Schedules are created for every route running which include the stops and the times they will be at those stops. Schedules can be found at the information booth located next to the student center. The schedules can also be found on this website, in buses, area desks in dorms and various locations throughout campus and the community. If you have any questions about finding a schedule, contact us at

3. How can I find out the exact time so that I know when to catch the bus?

Call PARTA/Campus Bus Service at 330-672-RIDE (7433) or check the schedules available on this site.

4. What should I do if I need to get to off campus?

These services are run by PARTA (Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority). For further information about routes and times, you can contact PARTA at 1-877-RIDE-RTA, or check out the information and schedules available online.

5. What should I do if I am on campus after 11:00 p.m. and I need to get my car from the stadium?

Just call 330-672-RIDE(7433) for a ride. Stadium Shuttles are available during the following times:
Mon. - Thurs. 11:00pm - 2:45am
Sunday 4:00pm - 2:30am

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