Student Accessibility Transportation Services

Scheduling Permanent Rides

All approved SATS passengers should fill out an SATS Schedule Form (clicking here will take you to the PDF version), which you can also fill out online (html version of form that is emailed to us). This form is also available on paper upon request. The passenger is requested to fill out the form and return it to the SDTS office (mail, e-mail or fax). The rides are then scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. To best accommodate our passenger's needs, it is strongly recommended that they schedule permanent academic rides. Permanent academic rides have priority. If a passenger needs to make changes to a permanent ride, please call 330-672-7433 during normal business hours and ask to speak with the Assistant Operations Manager or Scheduling Coordinator.

Extra Ride Request

An extra ride is defined as any additional rides a passenger schedules that is not part of their permanent schedule.

Extra rides can only be scheduled the same day as the request.
• Call (330-672-7433) at least 1 hour before the requested time.
• Extras cannot be guaranteed. Regularly scheduled rides have priority.
• Limit extra requests to three round-trips per day.
• Rides to and from the DeWeese Health Center and to and from the SDS office for testing can be pre-scheduled. Passengers may pre-schedule rides for tests at the SDS office and medical appointments at the DeWeese Health Center with the following restrictions:
• The ride requests will only be accepted no less than 3 days and no more than 7 days before the requested ride.
• The ride requests need to be scheduled with the Assistant Operations Manager or the Scheduling Coordinator. Call the SATS line and the call will be transferred to the appropriate person.
• Ride requests will be accepted provided there is no conflict with previously scheduled rides.
• If a conflict exists, alternate times will be provided.
• If the test at the SDS office or Health Center appointment runs over, please have either the SDS Office or the Health Center call to cancel the ride at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time. If a rescheduled pickup is needed, it can be scheduled at that time.


If the passenger does not need a particular ride, please call to cancel. If the SATS office does not receive cancellation notification, the passenger can be assessed a "no-show."

To cancel:

• Call before the scheduled pickup time. If possible, please call 1/2 hour before the pickup.
• If the passenger needs to cancel a permanent ride, please call 330-672-7433 during normal business hours and speak with the Assistant Operations Supervisor or Scheduling Coordinator.


• A "no-show" is assessed when a passenger fails to show-up for a ride or fails to call in and cancel the ride.
• If a passenger no-shows a pickup, the remaining pickups for the day will be cancelled.
• It is permissible to schedule "extra" rides after a no-show has occurred. These "extra" rides are scheduled in accordance to the "extra" ride policies.
• After 5 cumulative no-shows in a semester, the passenger will receive a letter from SDTS notifying them of the no-shows.
• After 7 cumulative no-shows, the passenger will receive a second letter with an additional copy forwarded to SDS.
• After 10 no-shows, a passenger can have his/her rides suspended for the semester.

SATS Policies

Student Accessibility Transportation Services (SATS) is a student operated service, and a component of PARTA/Campus Bus Service. Our primary concern is transporting students with disabilities safely and on time. SATS drivers and attendants will make sure passengers get between the dorms and classrooms. Weekday and Saturday service during the Fall and Spring semesters is provided to meet our passenger's academic needs.

As a SATS passenger, please be familiar with the policies in this Guide.

All riders (temporary and permanent) of SATS must be approved to ride through the Kent State University Student Disability Services (SDS) office. Their number is

Priority is given to those that scheduled academic rides.

Passenger stops can only be made at the designated SATS stops. A passenger must get permission from SATS for a different pickup spot. Please refer to this map for exact locations.

SATS recommends that passengers avoid scheduling back-to-back classes. A back-to-back class makes it very difficult to provide timely service.

The SATS phone number is:
330-672-RIDE (7433). If there is no answer please call
330-672-7433 or
send e-mail to

Seat Belt Policy

Passengers are required to wear a seat belt for safety reasons, and have their wheelchair anchored to the van during transport.


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