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What is Account Based Ticketing?

Ticketless Ticketing

Account Based Ticketing (ABT) is a new type of ticketing that allows PARTA riders to travel without first buying a ticket. This type of ticketing is accomplished by tapping or scanning a secure barcode on the barcode reader near the bus driver. The barcode is linked to the rider’s account on a secure server. Computer software calculates the correct fare for the rider and the correct transaction is made at the end of the day after all trips are completed.  The correct amount is deducted from funds stored on the rider’s account.

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Key benefits of ABT

Improved rider experience

Passengers no longer need to buy a ticket before they take a trip.  They can travel by simply tapping the barcode on their mobile phone or their trip card on the reader on the bus. This eliminates the extra step and inconvenience of visiting the ticket window.


Always receive the best possible fare

When riders use account based ticketing, PARTA will automatically cap fares so they always receive the best possible fare. Because trips are linked to the user’s account on the back end, our software will find you the best fare for the trips you have taken.  For example, if a rider takes two trips in one day, they will  automatically be credited with a day pass so additional trips on the same day can be taken at no charge.


Frictionless travel between transit systems

As other transit systems implement ABT, riders will be able to move between transit systems with greater ease. Since ABT is all digital and the data is sent to software on the back end, the correct fare is always deducted from the rider’s account regardless of which ABT participating transit service is being used. For example, a rider could travel on PARTA from Kent to Akron then get on a METRO bus and use the same ABT account to travel.

What you can use


Simply download the EZFare app and create an account to begin using Account Based Ticketing. The app is available for both Apple iPhones and Android devices.



Smartcards are available for purchase by those who may not have a mobile phone or prefer not to use it with the system. Smartcards offer all the same benefits as the mobile phone app.


Paper Barcode

Available only to non-profit agencies that participate in PARTA’s subsidized fare program, paper tickets with unique barcodes can still be used; however, they are limited to a single use.

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