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Kent State University has contracted with PARTA to provide transportation services for students on campus. There are five fixed routes that provide transportation to students throughout campus. KSU students can use their FLASHcard to ride any of those routes and all other PARTA buses in Portage County at no cost.


Transportation to Kent State University is easy by utilizing PARTA’s Campus Bus Service. PARTA has seven specialized routes dedicated to assisting students and visitors through campus and to and from off campus parking.

All transportation on campus and on all PARTA’s fixed routes for Kent State Students is FREE. (with the exception of the Akron and Cleveland express routes – see tickets and passes).

To contact PARTA’s Campus Bus Service call 330-672-RIDE(7433)


Campus Bus Services


There is parking available for students both on and off KSU. PARTA provides transportation to and from almost all parking lots on campus. Click here to see a list of all the parking lots available on the KSU campus. For more information about on-campus parking, visit


PARTA also operates Kent Central Gateway, the only parking deck in downtown Kent. Located in downtown Kent at the corner of Main Street at Depeyster Street (just a short walk through the esplanade from KSU). The Gateway offers parking, transit services and shopping - connecting students to a multitude of places in Kent, Portage County and so much more...

SATS – Student Accessibility Transportation Services
Who is qualified?

In order to qualify for temporary or permanent SATS services, students should contact the office of Student Accessibility Services at Kent State University by calling 330-672-3391 (VP 330-968-0490).

Student Accessibility Transportation Services (SATS) is provided for students with disabilities who need transportation assistance while on campus . Weekday service is provided during Fall and Spring semesters.

To schedule a SATS ride, call 330-672-RIDE (7433) or email
Need to book a SATS Ride?

All approved SATS passengers should fill out the SATS schedule form and return to 2000 Summit Rd, Kent, OH 44240 Attn: Andrea Stevens or email to


Rides are scheduled on a first come, first-served basis, with priority given to students with academic needs.

Want to know how to get around campus the local area or just need to find Wal-Mart?  SPOT PARTA can do that for you!  It is an easy app that allows you to track your bus in real-time and also plan trips.  Also, you can text your stop ID from every bus stop to find out when your next bus will arrive.

SPOT PARTA buses anywhere in Portage County. To learn how to use our SPOT service and never wonder where your bus is AGAIN...  VISIT WWW.SPOTAPARTA.COM